Local exchange in Thailand and Cambodia, 2017

The Exchange trip among the 15 people, mostly the farmers from Thailand and Cambodia, but also the NGOs staff and media person from Laos happened in June and August in 2017. The first trip in June was the visit to Surin, Yasothorn, Amnart Charoen and Kalasin provinces, where the new sugar and biofuel factories are being proposed. The exchange team travels for more than 740 kilometers to learned and exchanged on the movement by the local community and also, about the value of sustainable/organic agriculture which people are relying on. 

The second trip in August 2017 was a lot shorter than the first on distance. The team travel some 160 kilometers within Koh Kong Province in Cambodia and learn from both the communities allocate by the coastal  area community and another three villages deep n. Finally, the group and the community affected by sugarcane plantations and sugar factory.