Farmers Exchange 2018

The one-week exchange and field practices among the small-scale organic farmers from Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Thailand that happened at the end of February 2018, is a project conducted by Project SEVANA South-East Asia, in the close cooperation with Equitable Cambodia and Thailand’s Sustainable Agriculture Network. The project brought numbers of farmers and local leaders for the three countries those are similar in many ways from language, culture and also the key problems to meet and work together. The destruction of land, water and natural forests by the major projects and investments in the three countries is the one among also the serious problems they are all facing. This program allows them to share their experiences,  exchange the ideas and also practices organic farming in the farm in Surin and Yasothorn Province, North-eastern Thailand. In this program, organic farming, not only learned and exchange as the tool to sustain people’s livelihood, but also the tool to insist on the peoples’ needs in protecting and reclaiming the original value of the livelihood that depends on both natural resources and agriculture.