Where we are

Project SEVANA South-East Asia

33/32 Nawamin 141, Nuanchan, Bungkum, Bangkok 10230 Thailand

Tel: +66 (0) 2 083 7836

E-mail:  <project@sevanasea.org>

Founder and Coordinator

 Premrudee Daoroung

 E-mail <premrudee@sevanasea.org>

Some writings;

The team

There are the three main groups that made Project SEVANA team; 1) The Bangkok team - is the group of people working from Bangkok to provide support and facilitation the work and networking with all of our alliances 2) The Advisory Committee - is the five activists from the local, national, regional and international group who are invited to advise on our work and our direction, and 3) The alliances team - both the group of individuals and organizations from all levels from local, national, regional and international. Our alliances share with us the common standpoints. We work closely with our alliances to create and conduct our activities and actions.