Our story

Project SEVANA is a platform that brings together local and regional activists from various backgrounds in Southeast Asia, who share a common social, political, economic and environmental vision. Realizing that emerging challenges of the region have become increasingly cross-border issues, the organization’s purpose is to be recognized as one of the regional ‘forums’ to seek for new ways to conduct regional campaigns and local exchange on cross-cutting issues in order to create an influential movement, and to develop the alliances among people who are represent the movement in all levels within the region.

The mission of the group is to uphold social, political and environmental issues of the region and ensure the space for the people, especially the local ones, to debate and challenge the current mainstream economic paradigm. Project SEVANA believes that the peoples' voices and public awareness is the key to a real change and the increased of accountability and responsibility of the economic actors and policy-makers in the region.


Project SEVANA’s operation is based on the experience of more than two decades in working on environmental issues in Southeast Asia, in particular in the Mekong region. Our main working programs are including; knowledge gathering/ generating, setting up the peoples' exchange platforms, and public campaigning. 

Project SEVANA works directly with local communities in Southeast Asia countries. In our work, we put more emphasis on the local activists, women groups and the young local people.