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Young Farmer Exchange in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, August 2023

The event was organized by GRAIN, Towards Organic Asia (TOA), and Project SEVANA on 21-24 August 2023. There were 21 participants and five interpreters from 6 countries (Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam). The exchange consists of Sharing Stories: my pathway to agroecology, Understanding Food Sovereignty, Seed Exchange, Key Emerging Trends & Challenges in the Mekong Region and Challenges on the Ground Level for Young Farmers, Socio-Political and Food Sovereignty Movements in the Mekong Subregion, Agroecology Field Visits, and Moving Forward. The exchange process was participatory learning and empowering by sharing, discussing, and linking the work experiences of young farmers to global issues and movements. Additionally, the participants participated in the hands-on activity of cooking food using local or organic ingredients.  

Listen to the Mekong, 29 April 2023

The discussion among the young Thai and Cambodian on ASEAN Future after Thailand and Cambodia's election 

Strategic meeting with the young activists, December 2022

จัดขึ้นที่ Amnesty International Thailand

A Thai-Laos young farmer exchange on “The discussion of the farmers’ Children’, December 2021

9-10 December 2021—Co-organize the Thai-Laos young farmer exchange on “The discussion of the farmers’ Children" with Alternative Agriculture Network, Thailand, Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, and Sumsang organic farm in Northeastern Thailand. From Laos, we have young farmers and agriculture experts from Vientiane and Savannakhet to join the discussion. 

Around 15 young farmers could gather at Sumsang Organic Farm in Mahasarakham Province. From Laos, with around 10 participants, each participant came into the Zoom room separately. An exchange went on for various issues from the way to work on organic agriculture, the support to the young people who lost their jobs in the city because of the pandemic and came back home with the hope to do self-reliance by agriculture work, the creativity of agriculture practices, promotion, and marketing. The young Thai farmers share their experiences, including organic pig farming that can sell very well in the ‘green market’ in their province, such as the plant shop in a small town.

From the Laos side, we have heard about the practice on the ground, the success stories of the mushroom farm, an adjustment of the ethnic communities that even though they can produce more vegetables, they still need to learn how to eat them, as it is not their traditional practice to cook so many vegetables in their food.

A young journalists exchange trip to Koh Kong and Sihanoukville Province, Cambodia, January 2020

Project SEVANA co-organized a short exchange trip to Cambodia with young journalists and civil society groups from Thailand and Cambodia. The trip explored the changes brought about by the Thai sugar company's investment in Koh Kong and the Chinese investors' investment in Sihanoukville.