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Project SEVANA South-East Asia (Project SEVANA) established in 2016 by a group of activists with a strong background in environmental and social issues in the Mekong region. The initial mission of the organization is to create the platforms to bring together the local and regional activists from various backgrounds in the Mekong and Southeast Asia region, who share a common social, political, economic, and environmental vision and also people from the communities that affected by the large-scale problematic projects that caused the land, forest, and river resources destruction. Our focus is also on the young activists, women, and also working to develop a constructive relationship with the progressive media and environmental journalists in the region. 

Realizing that the regional challenges and threat are now very much coming from the region’s development ideology and cross-border investment on the large-scale projects, Project SEVANA facilitates different open forums and activities at the national and regional level to strengthen the civil societies/peoples’ movement on environmental, social and human rights. We organize public forums that allow communities and civil society groups to voice, exchange, and debate on the relevant issues with other influential actors within and to the region with the aim to reach a better development direction and solution that will bring a better region amidst the situation of open market economy ideology affected negatively to the livelihood of the millions of people that depend on natural resources. Project SEVANA believes that peoples' voices and public participation can bring democratic, accountable, responsible development and more positive role-playing by policymakers, businesses, and influential actors in the region.

Project SEVANA also supports the work for natural resources and livelihood recovery/restoration and food security practices. We organized and support the exchange and training programs on organic farming by communities in the region since 2016. We also conduct research and provide information and analysis that can contribute to a better understanding of the regional public on the current situation and relevant issues. 

Project SEVANA South-East Asia is a coordinating organization of the Laos Dam Investment Monitor (LDIM), the network that establishes in 2018, and the Mekong/ASEAN Environmental Week (MAEW), the annual regional event since 2019.

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